Data Privacy

BOON recommendations are more successful with a greater understanding of the user and their requirements. In some cases, this may make it neccessary to collect sensitive answers from users, which may constitute Special Category data under GDPR. Special Category data requires additional steps to comply with GDPR requirements.

Special Category data is defined as:

  • personal data revealing racial or ethnic origin;

  • personal data revealing political opinions;

  • personal data revealing religious or philosophical beliefs;

  • personal data revealing trade union membership;

  • genetic data;

  • biometric data (where used for identification purposes);

  • data concerning health;

  • data concerning a person’s sex life; and

  • data concerning a person’s sexual orientation.

More information is available from the ICO here.

Privacy Policy Notice

If the answers to any of the questions asked to users in the Profile Builder are classed as Special Category data, we must be explicitly listed in your Privacy Policy as a sub-processor to whom you disclose Special Category data. Relevant information to include is given below:

  • Name: BOON

  • Types of data transferred: Personal data provided to any ‘gift finder’, ‘personal assistant’, ‘personal shopper’ or similar interactive assistant interface, as well as analytical data about your usage of our website.

  • Purpose for the data transfer: To provide personalisation and recommendation services to improve your experience on our website.

  • End User Privacy Policy:

  • Location: UK

For example:

To provide interactive shopping experiences (such as ‘gift finders’, ‘personal shoppers’ or ‘assistants’) and personalised recommendations throughout our site, we utilise BOON as one of our sub-processors. We may share any personal information contained in the questions answered in these experiences, as well as analytical information about your usage of our website with BOON. Your information is processed as described in BOON’s end-user privacy policy.